Do you need more living space but don't want to leave your current home? Our home addition experts offer the latest remodeling solutions to help expand your living space and enhance your home's aesthetics. We help you get the extra space without affecting the quality or stability of your finished home.
Whether you need to fix a home office, build a second story, or even construct a home gym, our professional contractors will remodel your home based on your unique preferences.


Benefits of Home Additions 

Besides enhancing your home's resale value, home additions can significantly improve your quality of life, from increased storage space and extra room for children's activities to a more peaceful environment for home workouts.
With custom home additions, you can expand your living space, and enjoy more privacy.
With the increased space, you will avoid moving to a new place, which can be more expensive and also tend to disrupt your daily routines.


Common Home Additions 

We offer several options to help expand your space.
Here are some creative ideas you may want to consider:


Home Office Atop Your Garage

If you are looking for a place to boost your productivity, you may want to consider a home office. But what happens when you have limited space? Our experienced architects can modify your garage to help you get the space you need.
We will construct an additional floor on top of your garage in a design that meets your individual needs and also matches your home's existing architecture.


Bump Out 

Do you need to expand your bedroom or kitchen to accommodate more items? A bump-out/room addition may be a perfect option. If you also need more space for your bathroom or need to increase the size of your dining room to make it more comfortable, we can create an additional single room on the side of your house to expand the space to suit your unique specifications.

Story Addition

If you have limited land but need to increase the size of your home significantly, adding a second story will provide the much-needed space to improve your lifestyle and overall comfort.
Regardless of the size, additions are significant projects that require meticulous planning, especially if you have a tight budget.


The Planning and Process

Planning can sometimes be tricky, especially if you want them to appear as though they have been part of your home. That's why consulting a professional contractor should be a priority.
Italy American Construction will assist with local zoning requirements and consider your unique specifications to give your home a perfect add-on that meets your needs.
First, we’ll analyze your project before construction commences to ensure it meets your exact requirements. Then, we’ll determine the right size and design, and choose the perfect materials that match your existing home, from foundation and finishing to roofing materials. 


Transform Your Home with Italy American Construction Additions 

Do you need to increase the size of your home to make it more comfortable and create a haven for your household? Italy American Constructions understands the benefits of having a larger living space.
Whether you want to accommodate more family members or need a private home office, we are your go-to contractors for outstanding home additions. Contact us to learn more or request a free estimate.